2013-01-04 Fabulous Friday Finds

Odiorne Point State Park, Rye NH
Odiorne Point State Park, Rye NH

You’ll note that I’m (Denise) posting pictures from summer. It’s a mite cold here in New Hampshire, and it’s terribly annoying.  In any case, here’s some fun and fabulous stuff to celebrate the fact it’s finally Friday, after long, strange week.

To go with our upcoming cleaning posts, I found this DIY Goo Gone recipe on Pinterest this week. I’ve heard some interesting things about using oil to clean dirty oil (like the nasty gross oily dust layer on your stove’s fan and light hood) and I’d be interested in checking this out. (It works on my face. -mk)

And because I’m freezing to death in New Hampshire, I liked the look of this hot sauces to keep my belly warm, first a lovely Green Chili Herb Sauce and then a very yummy looking Mustard-Habenero Sauce.

And then I found this Spicy Ginger Soda Hangover Cure, which sounds like I’d want to drink it even if I hadn’t over imbibed.

I (MK, not Denise) used to eat the lentil-walnut loaf in college — I tried it on a dare, but it was good, especially with honey mustard sauce.  Now maybe I can make my own, with a recipe from oh she glows.

And another from that site — creamy avocado pasta sauce. Last weekend avocados were on sale, which is a New Year’s tradition I could get behind, so I’m ready to try this.

And given the cold outside and the fact that the nearest Vietnamese place is half an hour away, I may be trying out this fast pho recipe soon.  Nothing warms you up like sriracha rice noodle broth, am I right?

Share any neat things you find with us too, okay?

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