2012-12-28 Fabulous Friday Finds

Trails near Lake Massabesic
Trails near Lake Massabesic

It’s Friday, again, so let’s be fabulous. (The picture is to make us feel better about the snowy mess we just got in New Hampshire – Denise) (I like the bike. – MK)

I’ve found a solution to my breakfast woes — what to eat that has some protein to get me through the morning!  It’s reverse dosas!  I already eat hash browns daily, but they don’t last long enough to get me to lunch.  This is PERFECT.  Or, you know, pancakes.

A list of gluten-free snack foods — not entirely allergen-free, but a good start for thinking creatively.

It’s never too late for holiday-themed cookies, like these double-chocolate candy cane wonders.  Bonus — candy canes should be cheap right now.

Here’s a great method for melting various varieties of chocolate all at once in a crock pot (depending on your dietary restrictions) for use in making candy or decorating cookies, rather than futzing around with double boilers.

In fact here’s a Vegan Orange Shortbread cookie recipe that looks fabulous, that you can drizzle the chocolate on.  Can’t give you a new technique without a way to use it!

Also, I know I’m supposed to stop eating sweets after the holidays, but I need these Chili Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies.  You could just leave the nuts out if tree nuts are a problem for you.

For some reason I’ve been craving Spanakopita.  Not sure why.  I found this recipe, but it has tofu. I’d like to work one out that has a cheese replacement that’s not soy based.  (Note from MK — I’ve used tofu-based “feta” in the past, and it’s not bad, so if you can have soy, this might be a good option.)

Remember, share some fun stuff with us!  Also Denise got an Amazon gift card so if you have cookbooks you’d recommend please let us know!

    1. Maybe try some nut ricotta in replacement for the tofu in spanakopita? My question is, how do you get gluten free vegan phyllo dough? Also, I’m glad you like the reverse dosas 😀

    2. It’s such a balancing act, trying to make allergen-free food. Sheesh. Denise can have soy and gluten, so tofu and regular phyllo would work for her. But nut-based cheese works for both of us when it’s cashew-based. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

      I’ve been avoiding gluten-free doughs just yet, as my dough-making skills weren’t brilliant when I had gluten to hold everything together. I’ve been wondering whether Vietnamese rice paper might be a substitute for it in some circumstances? I have a theory about baklava I haven’t yet tested. Now that I’ve got GF pretzels down, maybe I’ll be more brave in branching out.

      And I’m making lentils this weekend for next week’s breakfasts. Have to start out the year on a good note.

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