2012-11-30 Fabulous Friday Finds

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And here we are on the last day of November, heading in to the home stretch for 2012.  Assuming that our modern interpretation of the Mayan calendar is wrong, we think you’ll want to look at some of the stuff we found for the upcoming holiday season.

For those cooking glutenfree I found this neat article on the Bob’s Red Mill Blog on Guar Gum v. Xanthan Gum.  It had some good reference material about how much to use in various baked goods.  Beyond that, Mary Kate has found that a lot of GF recipes that use chia seeds need less (or no) gums and have even better texture.  WIN.

As we approach the change from November to December, it’s that time of year for holiday get togethers.  I tend to be somewhat of a grinch, but I found these awesome seasonally themed fruit and vegetable displays that will brighten up the holiday season and would also provide relatively safe allergy fare for most of us at those parties.

I was dubbing around on Yummly.com on your behalf and I found the Roasted Spiced Sweet Potatoes (think oven fries) that look fabulous, and they’d be a yummy new twist on a holiday favorite.

I also found this recipe for Gluehwein, which appears to be a warm spiced citrus mulled red wine.  Sounds good to me, and I think I’ll try it the next time we get two feet of snow! And then of course, I found a Hot Apple Cider to try too.

Being from Maine (Denise), I’ve never heard of these – Texas Christmas Pickles.  Anyone ever heard of it? I’m kind of fascinated by the idea, and I think that both my husband and I would enjoy them.

Living the dream (formerly): Oh, Natalie Dee you kill me.  Has anyone had good luck with allergens at your average Chinese restaurant in America?  Any tips?

This look like a great GF but still festive Christmas cookie option — Russian Tea Cakes at Manifest Vegan.

I so need to check out Japanese Sweet Potatoes.  What do you think?



Anyone else have holiday recipes or interesting twists on old favorites they’d like to share?

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