2012-11-23 Fabulous (Black) Friday Finds

Foot Bridges near the Venetian in Vegas

Are you too stuffed to move?  Well, good, read these links instead.  They are fabulous, we promise.

Black bean burgers sound good — and may be a lighter antidote to over-indulgence?  And from the same blog (Gluten-free, Soy-free Vegan), a mung noodle stir-fry.  I enjoy mung beans, so I’ll be looking for these noodles next time I’m at the Asian market in Manchester.

For those of us allergic to coconut, there’s a lot of great recipes vegan or dairyfree recipes we can’t use.  I found a great article on GoDairyFree.org that explains how to substitute coconut milk and coconut oil.  Woo Hoo!!

I also found this neat post on how to make your own vegan white chocolate chips, which I’m not sure that I’d actually do, but is interesting to think about.

Also I found this great looking Cranberry Orange Creamcicle Bread which is egg, dairy and gluten free.  Looks like it would be great for the holiday season, since we still have another one to go.

I love brussel sprouts. Many people do not, but I love them.  I love them grilled in bacon fat with some bacon, but that’s not so healthy.  But I found this other recipe that sounds just as good and may be a tad healthier – Maple Dijon Brussel Sprouts.

Let us know about any fun and cool stuff you found playing on the interwebs.

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