2012-11-09 Fabulous Friday Finds

Yippee, Friday!  Woo hoo!

We’re getting closer to the wire if you’re doing the whole Thanksgiving hoopla. And if you’re really ahead of the game and/or compulsive (but in a good way) you might have started thinking about the holiday gatherings in December (I, Denise, refuse to even say the words denoting the December holidays before December, let alone before Thanksgiving, but to each their own), you might be interested in these ebooks from VegNews: the Holiday Cookbook for $8.00 or the Holiday Cookie Collection for $5.00. Also GoDairyFree.org has another collection of recipes for holiday dinner and desserts that you can use for either Thanksgiving or the December Holiday. Also, I want one of these Turkey Infusion Roasters. Think beer can chicken, but heavy duty to hold a turkey.

Many of these Thanksgiving tips for vegetarians and vegans from No Meat Athlete are also germane to those with food allergies, and are definitely worth checking out.  I know I link (*i* being Mary Kate in this case) are vegan.  After going dairy-free, I found vegan recipes, vegan restaurants, and vegan blogs to be great resources for learning about substitutions and alterations.  Vegans are VERY aware of what’s in most of their food, so they have a lot to teach the newly allergetic or sensitive.  Beyond that, vegetarians and vegans cooking for omnivores are often trying very hard to create awesome foods — both because they love food and because they want to show the omnis that they aren’t missing anything.  When the allergic or food sensitive cooks want to share food, often that’s what we’re going for, too — to welcome people into our world, which isn’t as deprived as you think.

You also might need a tasty breakfast to feed out of town guests. I’d like to try this Apple Pie Oatmeal recipe I found on Yummly.com. If you don’t know about Yummly yet, go check it out. It allows you to search recipes based on both your allergies, dietary requirements, and exclude your dislikes (which I use to filter out my uncommon allergies), and search by ingredient if you have something you need to use up but you don’t know what you want to do with it. And you can make this yummy looking Caramelized Bacon to go with it.

Vegan red beans and rice, done right quick.  I’m stashing this recipe in an easy place for … probably for later this week.

Impress dinner guests with this chicken — it’s magically allergen-free, and tasty to boot.  Plus it looks impressive.

I love this recipe primarily because I can make it for dinner tonight without going to the store.  On any given day, I am likely to have everything I need to make this chickpea, sausage, and kale dish.

And pear sorbet sounds truly wonderful, from the relatively new blog Plant-Based Slow Motion Miracle.

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