2012-10-19 Fabulous Friday Finds

Trees in Concord
Trees in Concord

And it’s Friday and we found more cool or interesting stuff.

Given it’s getting close to Halloween and there may be parties, or you may just want to have stuff to eat while you watch the trick-or-treaters come and go, I found some cute Halloween themed decorative dips. The first is a Spooky Black Bean Hummus, decorated with a spider.  The second isn’t really a recipe, but just a cute way to dress up a hummus or dip to look like an octopus is swimming in it. (Which might make it look like you slaved to make something if you needed to bring something somewhere and you didn’t have time to really cook.  Just get some hummus and redecorate it, and voila! Something presentable with minimal effort.)

And after you’ve eaten the healthy stuff, you can have this Haunted Halloween Layer Cake. (It has gluten-free instructions too.  I’d have to sub out the coconut milk, but I still think it’s do-able.)

Or you could pretend to be healthy and make these lovely Vegan Caramel Apples.

If you like fried foods (wait, seriously, who doesn’t?) this Choice Batter looks like a potentially great option — kosher, dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free.  Allergen-free onion rings, I see you in my future.  A store up the road apparently carries it.

As it gets colder (and here, really really wet), it’s time to make CHAI.  This Food Network recipe from Aarti Sequeira isn’t fool-proof, but when it works, it’s amazing — if you can use soy or almond milk, I think it’s a better, richer flavor than rice milk, but rice works.

A different kind of recipe entirely, from one of the more useful websites in my bookmarks — Crunchy Betty on the oil cleansing method.  Moving into heating season, this is a great way to control the ingredients going onto your skin and provide good moisture for the winter.  Plus, it can adjust and change as your skin and the seasons do.

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