2012-09-21 Fabulous Friday Finds

Green Line Bridge, Boston 2010
Green Line Bridge, Boston 2010

It’s time again to see what cool things we found dubbing around on the net.

First up: How To Cook Lentils.  Because basic knowledge tends to be the first thing I forget, and I’m always looking it up.  This is a great, straightforward post.  Also to remember: lentils are a cheap, super easy source of protein, taste good hot and cold, and now you know how to cook them.

Curious about the biology of lactose intolerance?  Yes?  (Nerd.   I know, me, too.)  Here’s your answer.

And since I’m trying to be an adult here, and stop posting a bunch of sugar filled recipes, I found this great article (with accompanying video) on how to make a gluten free all purpose flour mix.  Using the portions in the article and picking out my own ingredients from the lists was how I came up with the mix for the buffalo wing coating we posted on Monday.  I had tried a commercial mix before with the same recipe, and it was gritty, and sort of sandy.  The mix I chose using the article worked perfectly and my husband and I who are not gluten-free (I have a lot of allergies, but so far, wheat isn’t one) could not tell the difference between the two.   But if you don’t want to be so loose-y goose-y about it, here’s another bunch of recipes for gluten free flour mixes I found.

I was dubbing around on Twitter the other night (Denise’s Twitter handle is @briagha1994 if you’re so inclined) and VegNews was having a chat about their most recent issue, and what people really want in Vegan Cheese.  In the course of the conversation, I learned about this book, Artisan Vegan Cheese, which I’m interested in.  Anybody seen this book or used some of the recipes?  How did you like it? Also, after I whined that I can’t have Daiya (dratted coconut oil – shaking fist at sky – you win again!), Stephanie Weaver directed me to her site, which has a recipe for Shredded Vegan Cheese.  It uses cashew nuts, so if you can’t have tree nuts, stay away, but for me it might be a viable option.  Once I experiment, I will definitely let you all know.

And as the summer winds down, if you’re still drowning in zucchini, here’s some gluten-free, vegan Oven-Baked Zucchini Fries from GoDairyFree, that look freaking fabulous.  If any of my peeps with a garden need to get rid of zucchini, I’m totally here for you.

Denise found this, but as a happily married woman, wouldn’t think to post this, but here is the niche dating site you’ve been waiting for: Singles With Food Allergies.  My first response was to laugh, but honestly, how nice would it be to go on a date and not have your “weird” eating habits up for discussion?  I thought it was bad enough when I was just dairy-free, but now?  Basically, I only go to restaurants I know I can order something safe without sounding like Meg Ryan’s Sally in When Harry Met Sally.  And I’m lucky, given that cross-contamination isn’t a big issue for me.

Stewed vegetables.  This might be the perfect transitional dish — using up summer’s veg in a way that takes into account the changing season.  Yum.

If you see cool stuff in your travels, please share with us.

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