2012-09-07 Fabulous Friday Finds

The Leonard P. Zacum Bunker Hill Bridge, Boston, 2010
The Leonard P. Zacum Bunker Hill Bridge, Boston, 2010

Well, here we are again with this week’s cool stuff.

I love roasted veggies, but I’m also a sucker for any easy to make recipe that’s also cheap and makes leftovers.  This curried cauliflower fits the bill nicely.

No Meat Athlete has 8 favorite cookbooks for athletes.  I would not call myself an athlete, given that my natural aptitude for sports is about that of a drunken water buffalo, but since “quick, tasty, and varied” were on the list of criteria, along with “whole foods based, I’m in.  As I said in the comments there, I am very much partial to Vegan with a Vengeance from the Moskowitz/Romano vegan canon, but it does contain a bit more soy than I’d like, given that I can’t eat it anymore.

So last week’s edition of Fabulous Friday Finds contained a link for a cashew milk recipe.  I tried it since last week, and it was the best coffee creamer I’ve used since I tested positive for a coconut allergy.  Because it’s just my husband and I, and since he doesn’t drink coffee and he can have regular creamer, I won’t be able to go through it fast enough, so I froze a test batch.  I’ll be thawing it out this weekend and will report back.  But, I was so impressed with the quality of homemade cashew milk, that I will be investigating other homemade options as well.  I found an oat milk recipe and a brown rice milk recipe I’d like to try.  When I do, I’ll let you know what I think.

For those of us that have multiple food allergies, the Go Dairy Free site, which was a life saver in the early days of coping with my new reality, has a 2012 No Dairy Product List for Multiple Food Concerns pdf for sale.  The list contains store-bought foods, including cereals, bread, snack items, frozen foods, desserts, mixes, milk substitutes, cheese substitutes, and other dairy substitutes, which are dairy-free, and it’s cross-referenced to note which foods are also made without eggs, wheat, gluten, and/or soy ingredients. It’s 275 pages long and it’s $11.95.  I bought it and  I found it to be particularly helpful in researching things I could still have ahead of time, so my head didn’t explode of frustration in the grocery store aisle while I picked up items, read the label, said “Nope, milk/egg”, and put it back on the shelf.

And because I’m lusting after sweets this week, I found this yummy looking Lemon Raspberry Celebration cake that is vegan and gluten-free.  I’ll have to sub out the almond milk, but it looks fabulous.

Lastly, I found this helpful post on how to properly store different fruits and vegetables so they don’t spoil as quickly.  Most of us begin to cook more once we’re diagnosed  with food allergies because it’s easier to make sure you don’t have an exposure if you cook it yourself.  Hopefully this information will keep me from throwing things out.

Remember, if you see cool stuff out there, please let us know.

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